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Ply Wood

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India’s foremost and premier manufacturer, producer and exporter of plywood, boards, block boards, veneers and laminate products.

Our products find great favour and appreciation with builders, promoters, developers, architects, furniture and interior designers and consumers alike. From ship building to commercial spaces, from restaurants to bedrooms, from school classrooms to hotel lobbies, wherever you go you will surely find us as a part of your favourite living space.

India's Plywood Pioneers

As one of the pioneers and leaders in the business of plywood and related products Patel Group has been at the forefront of all major product development trends in the market .Our product development and marketing efforts have continuously striven towards building a sustainable level of customer delight through its product, channel, redistribution and marketing strengths.

Suitable for all applications

Whether you are designing your office, home or commercial space - you will be certain to find a National product that fits your need squarely.

Our products are the result of years of pioneering research and development at each stage of the manufacturing, packaging and distribution process. It is this deep knowledge that guarantees you utmost reliability in all National products.

Impeccable Quality & Craftsmanship

At Patel Group, it has been a constant ambition to provide our designers and consumers with products that far exceed their expectations. In terms of functional ability, durability under rough wear and tear conditions and contemporary packaging and finish. When you buy a National product you can rest assured that you are buying best- in - class in terms of quality and durability.

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