Divine Roots Doors

Sudheer Timbers offers Divine Roots Doors. Many cultural and religious ideals have influenced door designs throughout Indian history. Divine Roots is the concept,  which indicates religious ideals, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jainism, Buddhism, and many more.

These doors which are taken from religious concepts and engraved wood to give a Beautiful outlook. All these doors are made as per customer’s customization Designs.

Indo-Persian Doors

Sudheer Timbers offers Indo-Persian Doors. We do manufacture Persian doors with Indian carved designs which give the exact beauty of Persian elegance with Indian style.

In Persian traditional houses, it was common to find this style of doors. Beautiful colored windows and doors were used to pass light to these indoor gardens, giving them even more life.

French Colonie Doors

French doors are really a beautiful addition to any home. With the maturity of the doors being made from glass, they can allow you a great view outside your home as well as save on some electricity costs by letting in plenitude of natural light.

They’re perfect for just about any area of the house, though they’re still the most popular when it comes to opening out to sundecks and other out-of-door areas.

Epitome Design Doors

Epitome Design Doors are created by Architects, Engineers, and Designers which are contemporary and give Beautiful outlook as per present living world. Epitome design is an interior design style characterized by clean lines, minimalism.

Epitome design is rooted in modernism and it encompasses a lot of different incarnations, which can make it difficult to define. In its simplest terms, epitome is nothing but modern. Ultramodern interior design refers to the reflection of the ultramodern art movement on the innards of the home.

Antique Indian Doors

Sudheer Timbers offers Unique Antique Wooden Indian Doors. These doors are made from solid wood pieces of teak, which are heavy and rustic in nature. These doors were intricately hand-carved and constructed based on traditional techniques.

The outer beauty of these doors is elaborately carved and ornately detailed with different brass items. These carvings and brass items demonstrate the beauty of Indian traditional doors. These all Antique Indian Doors have been waxed for protection.

Flush Doors

Nowadays, the flush door has become very popular and trending doors in the construction of a house.

We are specialist in manufacture of flush doors with the fine quality of teak wood.A Flush Door is a sober and aesthetically beautiful door that has got guises on both the sides of the construction. Flush Doors suits the stylish where there’s the demand of light and cross ventilation into the apartments. The flush door is generally imparted a laminate, veneer or paint finishing in colorful designs and colours. The consistence of flush doors range from 25 mm to 40 mm.

WPC Door

We’re a Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of WPC( Wood Plastic Composite) A door system that brings stylish of both worlds together. Wood Polymer Composite is a combination of wood and PVC making this unique product sell like hot coke in individual houses as well as large systems. These doors carry the aesthetic look of a classical door and at the same time give us the virtuousness of UPVC Doors. A range of designs and accessories give rustic doors a run for its plutocrats. The inflexibility to borrow laminates of your choice adds on redundant edge to these doors.
WPC Doors are 100 water evidence 100 Termite Proof, and 100 Fire Retardant overall they’ve superior quality than rustic doors.

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